Van dwelm- en bendebetrokkenheid rot rugbyglorie. Rugby was goed vir Ashwin Willemse, en voorheen was hy nie skaam om aan die spel en medespelers lof toe te swaai vir sy merkwaardige opgang nie. Ek lees o.m. die volgende in ‘n bemarkingstukkie (hy is beskikbaar as spreker en seremoniemeester):


“Ashwin Willemse’s remarkable life story has been an inspiration to all people from all walks of life. Suffering as a youth with drug addiction, gang involvement, depression and poverty he made a choice to leave all that behind, and embark on a new journey in search of a better life.Rugby was the medium, which gave him the freedom to accomplish this. Through perseverance and determination he has overcome enormous personal and professional challenges.


“Faced with extreme adversity he has managed to make the best of his life and turned his obstacles into opportunities. He has a passion for helping people better their own lives and creating limitless beliefs within themselves.”


Het sy geheue hom Saterdag in die steek gelaat toe hy so onbeskaamd die rassekaart speel?

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